I recently had the misfortune of needing a lawyer. I had consultations with 3 attorneys before talking with Lacie Bowden. I was instantly comfortable, confident and at ease with Lacie. I was impressed by her expertise, empathy and understanding. She has a wonderful connection with her clients. Lacie instantly invokes a well founded trust. She is incredibly kind, intelligent and quick witted. She is an awesome attorney. Her assistant Michelle Harris is a wonderful bonus. She was a big help. Together they make a great winning team. It was a real pleasure both meeting and working with Lacie Bowden Law. She is a true southern lady, a rare find. I give her 2 thumbs up, 5 stars - a perfect 10. I highly recommend her for your legal needs.

-B. Gardner

There are a lot of attorneys in this town but one thing that's makes lace Bowden stand out is her passion and willingness to fight for you. A lot of attorneys will want to settle because its faster and they make money quicker. Lacie Bowden is honest and guides you what is best for you and not her bottom line. If you need legal representation call her.  -The Connector

Lacie was very professional and extremely thorough with my case. I definitely will use her again for all my legal needs.  -S. Coffey

Lacie Bowden is a delight to work with! She responded well each time I contacted her, knew exactly what I needed, and her final product was beyond my expectations. Go, Bowden Law!  -K. Hurston

Lacie Bowden is professional, determined, hardworking, and will go above and beyond to meet your legal needs. She is very caring, patient, and helpful. She is an honest attorney who will fight her hardest for her clients. She is not trying to make a quick buck, she truly cares. I would definitely recommend Lacie Bowden Law!  -C. Marie

Lacie has helped me through a huge personal case in the past and I can tell you that had I not had an attorney passionate about her client, things would of been way worse! She will fight tooth and nail for her clients and is also very responsive to your questions and needs. She put a lot of time and research into my case that I am beyond grateful for! I know some people have trouble with attorneys staying in touch with them and on top of their case, but let me ease your mind here as she is always prompt on everything! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!  -S. Arnold

I hired lately Lacie Bowden for a criminal case of mine. She blew my mind and got the judge to lower my consequences. I got early termination on probation because of my attorney Mrs. Bowden and should only have probation for a couple of months. Now obviously probation is based on how quick you get things done but your attorney can get you early termination, which she did. She also made sure that I did not lose my license for the situation at hand, which being a working professional is very important to me. Thank you Lacie for being an amazing attorney and I Will definitely refer you to my friends and family.  -Anonymous